Former Pub Landlord Forced to Move to France Due to Ian Huntley Links

Former publican Jason Wood has been forced to slum it in France after the public noticed that the former loss adjuster had a remarkable resemblance to Soham murderer Ian Huntley.

The 50-something from Lincoln was so fed-up with people comparing him to the brutal murderer that he decided to turn his back on the country he loves, to be a full-time internet troll in a country that he has publically denounced since birth.

Speaking to our reporter, Wood said: “It’s true, I hate the French cunts, but what can I do? Not a day went past without some nuggets shouting, “Oi Huntley, you were a shit caretaker!”. The former Lincoln pub owner continued, “A laugh’s a laugh, but I don’t think I even look like him!”

“Ian Kevin Huntley was born into a working-class home in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England, on January 31, 1974. He is the first son of Kevin and Linda Huntley. An asthma sufferer, Huntley had a turbulent time at school, as he was often the target of school bullying. The problem continued to escalate until, at age 13, he was forced to change schools. He left school in 1990 and declined to continue his studies, despite reasonable grades, choosing instead to go directly into employment.” – courtesy of Ian Huntley – Murders, Maxine Carr & Confession – Biography

When asked to comment on the article, Wood told us, “Fuck off you Jack D cunt”.

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