Why Do I Need a VPN? A Virtual Private Network protects you and your family by encrypting your internet traffic, keeping the information away from your internet service provider and of course, big brother. Using a VPN also protects against cybercriminals from accessing your personal information. Many countries are now blocking IPTV; using a decent VPN can prevent this. The best VPN also tricks streaming services like Netflix into thinking you are in a different country, opening up a huge catalogue of films and TV shows that you cannot access in the UK.

A VPN Can Help You Stay Safe Online.

Strengthen Your Security

An estimated £190 billion is lost to fraud each year, that equates to £2,858 per person in the UK (66.46 million). This figure is an astonishing amount and experts predict it will climb much higher as criminals devise more complex scams. A VPN can help fight fraud, not only can it help by masking your location and online activity, by routing data through a secure virtual tunnel, it is safe from prying eyes.

Watch Your Favourite Channels Wherever You Are

Brits Abroad

If you live abroad or travel abroad a lot, you’ll be aware that popular services such as the BBC’s Iplayer or ITV’s Hub are geo-locked which prevents you from accessing them. Fear not! With a VPN you can bypass these restrictions and watch all your favourite shows, wherever you are. It’s not just UK shows either, if you are a fan of American TV shows, you can access channels like Fox, HBO and many, many more.

You Often Get What You Pay For

The Cost of VPNs

The cost of a VPN varies quite significantly but the price should not be the deciding factor. It is possible to get free VPNs but we’ve often found these so slow that they are almost unusable. We also have security concerns, after all, how are they making money if the product is free.